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Because Diversity Adds Life to Our Lives 

Hi All....

Without diversity, we would be reduced to robots - and the world would fade to blah! Since the flip side of goodness is not an option for us, I'm trying to wrap my arms (via my words) around all of us everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Because we care. And so that our diversity can continue to help us stretch, grow, and add life to our lives.

Like soo many of you - of us - I've been glued to my computer for so many days since (and before) the election, that I feel like my chair is part of my body. (Like if I stand up, it will come with me.) I've been posting to my website, FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So my apologies if you see some of my posts more than once. But if they can help us to laugh, feel safer, and help take the hard edge off of life - maybe we'll all sleep a little better at night.

Cheers to Peace, Hugs, Health, Diversity, & White Light!!!  

Hi All....
Have you ever wanted to see the inside of hope, and of miracles, but you couldn't turn off your mind long enough to see them? And even running away wouldn't help - because you'd have to take yourself with you? Been there, done that - and sometimes I do it again. 
The changes that we're all seeing, experiencing, and worrying about right now are what I call, "Not fun". So stick with me. Because I truly believe that together we will be both stronger, and softer. That together we can help to take the hard edge off of life, and make the world a kinder place to be. And because, as I say on this site: "I joke that writing takes me inside myself, the other arts take me outside myself - and together they keep me sane. If my words can make you laugh, feel safer, and help keep the craving for the arts within us - then they will have served their purpose!" 
Cheers to Peace, Hugs, Health, Diversity, & White Light!!! 
xoxo, Joanie

Holly Ramos: All Transformation Is Possible 

Holly Ramos doesn't experience life. She inhales it. Stands it on end when necessary. Then searches for the gift inside. Which is why she was able to close the door on anguish - and fill her life with love. Why it's her conviction that, "All transformation is possible." And why Holly's words speak directly, to our hearts.

P.S. to you about MAURICE'S VALISES 

Hi All....

I truly believe that J.S. Friedman's MAURICE'S VALISES series, and its magical illustrations by Chris Beatrice, is destined to become an evergreen...a classic that our grandchildren will share with their grandchildren. Because it is timeless, ageless, and one of the wisest and most all-around gorgeous stories that I have ever seen. I'd love it if you'll check out the site below. And if you feel as I do, please post it, repost it, and help to spread Maurice's goodness throughout the world. Thanks so much!   - Joanie



I never expected to fall in love with a mouse! Or to let him burrow into my heart and soul. But when J.S. Friedman gave us MAURICE'S VALISES, and its magical illustrations by Chris Beatrice - like the Tah Dah of a fairy’s wand, he brought his little traveler to life!

Now, every time that Maurice opens one of his valises, a world of goodness and of light springs out. A world where differences bring us together. Friendship and truth cross all boundaries. And listening to the wisdom in our hearts, helps us to find the way. - Joanie

To Mothers & Fathers Everywhere--Past, Present, and Future 

Wishing you all the happiest, most beautiful Mother's Day, and early Father's Day, full of new experiences and sweet memories past, present, and future. So many of us who have lost our parents say the same words - that we think of them every day - that they'll always be a part of us - and that we wish they were physically with us now.

There are shelves of books devoted to parent-child relationship because even the best ones have rocky times. Still, some say that we choose our parents before we are born. If that is true, then I unequivocally made the right choice. And would unequivocally choose mine all over again!!


P.S. Besides the fact that your hugely positive comments, and thoughts, make me so happy, I invite and welcome them because they serve as a lighthouse of sorts. A lighthouse that lets me know if, and how, I'm reaching you. They also jog my memories so that other stories surface. Together they help to keep me on the course that I intended - taking the hard edge off of life through the arts - even as it allows room for serendipity!

So if you'd like to add your comments to my blogs, I'd love it! And if you'd rather just sit back, and read, my stories and sound bites? I'd be totally thrilled with that, as well!

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Thank You, Thank You! 

Hi again!

And thank you, thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read my blogs - and many times, to share your impressions in your amazing, thought provoking, and often hilarious comments! To those of you I know, and those of you who I'm meeting for the first time on my site - your interest, and caring, touch me more than you can imagine!

I had talked about doing a website/blog for more than a few years. But as I'm not technically oriented, the process of setting it up seemed daunting - even when one of my closest friends said that she "saw" me writing a blog, and loving it! So I put it off, put it off, put it off - until finally - enough was enough! And when I finally pushed past my fear, and set up my website/blog?

I found out that my friend was right; and had so much fun with it that I set up a second blog on the same site. (They are Joanie's Take and Coaching the Arts.) Why do I love blogging? For several reasons:

1) I genuinely feel that we all have a mission - something that we are meant to accomplish, or to help further, while we're on this Earth. It is more than my belief - it is my  conviction - that my mission is to help take the hard edge off of life through sharing and helping to further the arts with my words - both personally, and as a writer. I don't even pretend to be perfect. (And finally gave up trying to be years ago!) But I will never stop trying to make a difference through, and for, the arts!

2) I'm a writer, but never thought of myself as a storyteller, until several people described me that way. I have to say that I love their description because I always want to write to you, not for you. So as much as I crave, and adore, the process of going inside my soul and excavating to bring out what I genuinely feel, think, and see - a  writer cannot write in a vacuum.

As artists, we hone our craft to help our art come through us - and then we have to let it fly where it will. Thank you, thank you for being there to catch mine!



When I tell people that I'm a writer, one of the first questions I'm asked is, "Do you have anything online that I can read?"

For those who've asked - and for all of you who visit my site - thanks so much for your interest, and for caring!! I'll be posting some of my pieces from time to time (excerpts from books in progress, various types of stories, stream of consciousness sound bites about the arts, etc.). I hope they "sing" to you!


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