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I've loved powerful quotations all my life. One of my favorites:

"No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen."



Cheers To Peace, Hugs, Health, Diversity, & White Light 

Hi All....
Have you ever wanted to see the inside of hope, and of miracles, but you couldn't turn off your mind long enough to see them? And even running away wouldn't help—because you'd have to take yourself with you? Been there, done that...and sometimes I do it again. 
The changes that we're all seeing, experiencing, and worrying about right now are what I call, "Not fun". So stick with me. Because I truly believe that together we will be both stronger and softer. That together we can help to take the hard edge off of life, and make the world a kinder place to be. And because, as I say on this site: "I joke that writing takes me inside myself, the other arts take me outside myself, and together they keep me sane. If my words can make you laugh, feel safer, and help keep the craving for the arts within us...then they will have served their purpose." 
Cheers to peace, hugs, health, diversity, & white light...
xoxo, Joanie


Hi All....

I truly believe that J.S. Friedman's MAURICE'S VALISES series, and its magical illustrations by Chris Beatrice, is destined to become an evergreen...a classic that our grandchildren will share with their grandchildren. Because it is timeless, ageless, and one of the wisest and most all-around gorgeous stories that I have ever seen. I'd love it if you'll check out the site below. And if you feel as I do, please post it, repost it, and help to spread Maurice's goodness throughout the world. Thanks so much. - Joanie



I never expected to fall in love with a mouse. Or to let him burrow into my heart and soul. But when J.S. Friedman gave us MAURICE'S VALISES and its magical illustrations by Chris Beatrice—like the ta-dah of a fairy’s wand, he brought his little traveler to life.

Now, every time that Maurice opens one of his valises, a world of goodness and of light springs out. A world where differences bring us together. Friendship and truth cross all boundaries. And listening to the wisdom in our hearts, helps us to find the way. - Joanie

Even In My Dreams 

Last night, I dreamed that a group of people looked at me with total disdain, and nodded in agreement as one woman sneered, "You didn't even cook—you made instant potatoes out of a box. And now the whole house smells terrible, and everyone will know."

"But you don't understand!" I answered, as I tried to keep my rising hysteria down. "I'd rather write a chapter!"

Art Rocks 

While waiting in line to order at Joan's On outstanding gourmet cafe/marketplace...I was completely mesmerized by two things. First, the personification of a badass, silently-angry-looking rocker dude paying for his order beside me. Second? The magical looking plates of berry-covered delicacies that he carefully balanced in his hands as he left the counter.

Which reinforced for me, one more time, that the arts are for all of us. And that even the toughest among us can crave, and appreciate, the softness that art adds to life.


Never Just A Luxury 

The world of art is as eclectic as the world that we live in. It can be playful, provoking, or bring up a myriad of other emotionsbut it can never be considered just a luxury. Because art is critical to life.

So critical that if we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by nothing but darkness
we would sift through our memories for a color, or a songor would create art from the bleakness that was left.

How do I know? Because history proves that art is where we would look to find hope. And hope can keep us alive.

The Airbrushed Sky 

One day, while living in New York City, I happened to glance out my windowand saw a perfectly shaped, cornflower blue keyhole that was easily four feet tall, in the middle of a sky filled with silver gray clouds.

As I stared through it, the keyhole expanded
pushed the clouds awayand let the sky float free. Which was the perfect visual of how the arts free me.