Because Diversity Adds Life To Our Lives

Hi All....

Without diversity, we would be reduced to robots, and the world would fade to blah. Since the flip side of goodness is not an option for us, I'm trying to wrap my arms (via my words) around all of us everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Because we care. And so that our diversity can continue to help us stretch, grow, and add life to our lives.

Like so many of you—of us—I've been glued to my computer for so many days since (and before) the election, that I feel like my chair is part of my body. (Like if I stand up, it will come with me.) I've been posting to my website, FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So my apologies if you see some of my posts more than once. But if they can help us to laugh, feel safer, and help take the hard edge off of life—maybe we'll sleep a little better at night.

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